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About Us

Energy Management is a high priority at ACE.

The consumer and community at large are continually becoming more aware and concerned of their energy consumption. This concern relates to both the ever increasing costs of running their home/business and the resulting long-term effects that high energy consumption can have on the global environment.

Low maintenance LED lighting

LED’s  have been improving in light quality at a rapid pace. The best LED’s today produce about 50 lumens per watt, with more than three times the energy saving of incandescent and halogen lamps. LED’s also have a very long life span (50,000 to 100,000 hours) and they are the only common non-incandescent light source that does not rely on mercury vapour.

Our Commitment to safety

Our commitment to a comprehensive safety program is demonstrated through the dedication of professional safety personnel to provide training, accident prevention education, on site project inspections, work injury management and direct safety supervision.

All Communications Excellence is proudly Australian owned and operated.